Limited Edition NFT Cards integrated alongside Instant Rewards & Buy-back System

One heart to print them all.

Hey There! Mr. Outlaw gives you the warmest welcome to $PUNK!

Mr. Outlaw — The Guardian of the Night. (He protects your coin to dump like XRP) (Also first NFT Card)

Steampunk Protocol ($PUNK) code brings out the NFT Cards technology to te table, minting10 limited edition Victorian-Steampunk design style cards applied with a fusion code which takes the best parts of $RFI & $ITS, both codes were integrated, updated, polished and audited internally to avoid any kind of possible issue.

$PUNK creates instant frictionless yield through a nicely updated smart contract to generate automated rewards for holders through an applied to every transaction 4% tax fee distributed to all $PUNK holders. A 2% tax fee is applied to the buy-back mechanism, generating an ever growing liquidity pool.

Core Functions.

  • 4% fee on every Tx automatically airdropped to $PUNK token holders.
  • 2% fee on every Tx will automatically Buy-back on Uniswap.
$PUNK Core Functions

Primary Functions.

$PUNK Primary Functions ($PUNK) Tokenomics

  • Name: Steampunk Protocol
  • Symbol: $PUNK
  • Decimals: 9
  • Max Supply: 40,000 $PUNK
  • 20.000 $PUNK Presale (200 $PUNK / ETH)
    Softcap 50 ETH — Hardcap 100 ETH
    100% Liquidity raised in pre-sale will go to initial pool
  • 20.000 $PUNK Initial Pool (200 $PUNK / ETH. Same as Presale)
  • Fair Launching with antibot mechanism
$PUNK Experimental Protocol

$PUNK is an experimental protocol planned to be working at its best during 15 days. 10 Limited Edition NFT Cards are going to be distibuted 1 daily in this frametime.

  • No developers / team wallet
  • No mint token function.
  • No marketing tokens. Everything by team.
  • Anti-boy mechanism applied on launching.
  • 100% liquidity will be locked with Unicrypt.
Octavius — He will bring you tons of luck to your crypto trades.


  • How much % slippage is required to buy?

Approximately 6–7% slippage is recommended to buy $PUNK.

  • Is the team anonymous?

Yes, there are 3 team members and we all are anonymous, however we’re based in the crypto community and we hate scammers, be sure of that. Hope karma take cares of them.

  • Is there any way launching can fail due to bots?

Impossible, we’ve added anti-bot measures exactly to avoid this. They won’t be able to destroy our work.

  • Is it true 100% of liquidity raised in pre-sale will go into liquidity?

Yes, absolutely each ETH raised will go into liquidity, it will be a great and fair launch for everyone. The softcap is 50 ETH, and hardcap 100 ETH. The more ETH is in liquidity pool, the best will work the buy-back system and there will be more rewards for everyone.




$PUNK. Next step into DeFi 2.0 integrating NFT Cards with an innovative smart contract to create instantly rewards for holders & buyback system is integrated.

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$PUNK. Next step into DeFi 2.0 integrating NFT Cards with an innovative smart contract to create instantly rewards for holders & buyback system is integrated.

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